• 1.School Uniform Consists Of Light Blue Striped Shirt, Having The School Monogram On The Pocket, Light Grey Pants, Navy Blue Socks, Black Shoes And Tie. Light Grey Pants, Kurti, Waistcoat, Tie Worn By Girls Of Class 9 To 12. Girls Of Class 1 To Class 8 Will Wear Light Grey Skirts Which Must Be Long Enough To Reach Below The Knees.
  • 2.Students Of Class 3 To 12 Must Wear Their Respective House Dress On Wednesdays. House Dress Consists Of White Pants, White Skirts For Girls, House 'T' Shirts (Colour According To The House: Kostka - Red; Loyola - Blue; Campion - Green; And Britto - Yellow) White Socks And White Canvas Shoes.
  • 3.Students Must Have Identity Cards Hung Around Their Necks With A Sling Ribbon.
  • 4.During Winter, Solid Navy Blue Blazers And Sweaters Are To Be Worn. Girls Are Recommended To Wear Jackets.
  • 5.Discoloured Uniforms Are Not Allowed.
  • 6.All Must Have At Least Two Pairs Of Uniform.
  • 7.If Clothes Do Not Conform To The Specifications Parents Will Be Asked To Have It Re-Made To Specifications As Given To The Approved Outfitters.